Entry #2

CTP 1.2

2008-07-06 00:40:34 by Wound98Licker98

Well I just submitted CTP 1.2 and it's going good. Ironically the lowest score of the 3 so far but it's only been 6 votes and it seems to me it was 4 5s and 1 4, so the average drops quickly, so I'm sure it'll go up as long as no random asshole votes 0 on it, it should follow its course. I'm pretty sure this will be the last time I submit a CTP song as I don't see THAT much room for improvement, unless someone points out something or proposes a very good idea to the CTP series I think it'll be pretty much it and I'll start a new project altogether. Hope the listeners stick around and Favorite Author me so I can send them my new stuff. That's all for now enjoy CTP 1.2!



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