CTP 1.2

2008-07-06 00:40:34 by Wound98Licker98

Well I just submitted CTP 1.2 and it's going good. Ironically the lowest score of the 3 so far but it's only been 6 votes and it seems to me it was 4 5s and 1 4, so the average drops quickly, so I'm sure it'll go up as long as no random asshole votes 0 on it, it should follow its course. I'm pretty sure this will be the last time I submit a CTP song as I don't see THAT much room for improvement, unless someone points out something or proposes a very good idea to the CTP series I think it'll be pretty much it and I'll start a new project altogether. Hope the listeners stick around and Favorite Author me so I can send them my new stuff. That's all for now enjoy CTP 1.2!



2008-07-05 11:53:44 by Wound98Licker98

Submitted 2 versions of Con Te Partiro last night. First version was okay, but I noticed some things some people and I wanted to change. I changed some of them and submitted version 1.1 it was fairly better but I still saw some small things here and there that required some tweaking. So I will submit version 1.2 tonight hopefully when the NG Clock resets and I will be permitted to submit in the portal again. For some reason currently the original which many said were not as good as 1.1 is doing better by about .2 points. o.0